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Welcome to the new Sacramento Professionals Directory, an easy web based way to find Sacramento area professionals. Only those professionals that are able to meet the registration qualifications and have registered a .pro domain will qualify to be listed in this directory. Currently only select accounting, legal, and medical professional can qualify.

To find a professional, use the links above to browse by category, or use the search function in the menu at the left.

To get a free listing in this directory, use the Get Listed Here link.

NEWS - .Pro domains just became available for three new categories of professionals: Architects, Dentists, and Engineers (Delayed until sometime in 2005). Get yours from or one of the other registrars providing them. Hurry, don't let another professional get the name you want.

This directory is for informational use only, and is not a recomendation (see ToS).

Copyright 2005 Mark Keller, All rights reserved.